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Web Radio

Web Radio is an entirely student-produced program produced bi-weekly during the school year. French International Web Radio is a multiple award-winning program having taken first place ("Schools" category) in the international contest, Mediatiks International!

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2023-24 Episodes

Web Radio - April 30, 2024

Episode includes Interview with two moms who were students in our school, We have a former professional basketball player at FI, Advice for protecting our planet, and more.

Enjoy ! 
Web Radio Team  

A collage of three photos and the school logo

The 110th episode includes FI and International News, Interview with Aurélien, Why we like basketball, Let's meet a kindergartener, and a Literary Game.

Three photos in a collage. Top left, three students smiling, top right two students, bottom a group of students posing

This episode includes French International and International news, Haikus, Travel advice for Quebec City, Let's meet a kindergartener, Literary game, and more!

Web Radio - December 15, 2023

This episode includes International and FI News, Second grade celebrates fall, Trip to the Oregon Historical Society, Let's meet new-to-school kindergarteners, Literary game, and more!

Web Radio - November 18, 2023

The 107th episode of Web Radio includes FI and International News, We Dissected a Chicken Wing, Why we Love Fall, Halloween Haunted Forest, and five riddles.

Web Radio - October 17, 2023

The 106th Webradio show includes FI and International News, Why is my Name my Name, Travel Advice for Washington D.C., and What to do with the Apples in Discovery Park.

Web Radio - October 3, 2023

Back to School at FI, French Pen Pals, Hallie’s and Noa’s first year at French International, what did you like doing at school this year?

2022-23 Episodes

Web Radio - June 16, 2023

School news, international news, first-grade pen pals, first year at French International, if you go to Maui, what did you like doing at school this year

Web Radio - May 20, 2023

School News, International News, Mason Bees, Interview with Slick, Portland Travel Advice, A New Jingle, The Maternelle Garden, Geoplays

10 students sitting around the recording and web radio studio

School News, International News, Consuming Less Water, What is your Favorite French Word, If you go to Cannon Beach, Pre-K Plays Games with Fifth Grade, Two Jokes

Web Radio - May 2, 2023

School News, International News, Biking at School, My Sport: Fencing, If you go to Amsterdam, With a New Jingle, Preschool Learning About Jobs, Geoplays

A photo of two students smiling looking at the camera, and a photo of the seven web radio students in the studio

School News, International News, First Grade Field Trip, How Students Help at School and at Home, On a Terras in Cairo, How Middle School Helps at Nap Time, Two Jokes

Web Radio - March 21, 2023

School News, International News, What about Arabic?, Students from Toulouse, When I Grow Up, A Book we Like, Geoplays

Web Radio - March 7, 2023

School News, International News, OBOB, Students from Toulouse, Capoeira, Roll Call and Daily Weather in TPS, Two Jokes

Web Radio - February 14, 2023

School News, International News, Lifes Little Things we Like, I have a Dream..., Our Thoughts on the New Logo, I Play Piano, Daily Weather, Geoplays

Web Radio - January 31, 2023

School News, International News, New Years Resolutions and Wishes, Happy New Year in Several Languages, My Sport: Soccer, Galette Recipe, Jokes

Web Radio - December 9, 2022

School News, International News, Life's Little Things We Like, Gabrielle Head of Maternelle, What we Learned About our Body, A Riddle from Coach Ron

A photo of the six web radio students and the two preschool classes they interviewed

School News, International News, Mason Bees, Thanksgiving, Composting, Preschool Songs for Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Mister Dictionary