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Sixth Graders Support Local High School with Snack Drive

teacher and kids

French International sixth graders partnered with French International alumna, Catherine McCandless, for an end-of-the-year service project to support McDaniel High School.


Catherine and the students hosted a snack drive with the goal of collecting 2,000 individually wrapped snacks. Catherine is a former student at McDaniel High School. McDaniel has a population that is 50% low-income and the drive directly benefitted students. The sixth-grade students presented to seventh and eighth-graders about the drive and how it’s important to support the community. 


The goal for the drive was 2,000 snacks, and the students collected 4,470. Beaverton Crumbl Cookies donated treats for the winning advisory, but because of the overwhelming participation rate, everyone got a treat in the end.


Community service is a part of the IB framework and the French International philosophy. The goal is for students to develop into empathetic leaders who care for the world around them.

teacher and kids
snack drive
kids and food

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