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September Global Mindset Moments

A photo of a student holding a rugby ball

Throughout the year, we are sharing weekly Global Mindset Moments on social media to demonstrate how our mission is playing out in our school and how we are fulfilling our Strategic Plan. Here are the September Global Mindset Moments:

A photo of four students standing in a circle talking.

Global Mindset Moment: For the last two weeks, we have had Chilean exchange students visiting our Middle School. Four of the students have been in Events Design class and put together a challenge to make their classmates work together. The French International students had to work in teams to solve the challenges. This not only demonstrates our program pillar through the work and reflection students did in class but also our presence pillar as we work to build relationships throughout Portland and around the world.

A photo of two students dressed in fantasy clothing talking about their club

Global Mindset Moment: Yesterday was our first Middle School Hubbub of the year. These are events for Middle School students and staff to gather, create community, and celebrate the school or learn from each other. Yesterday's Hubbub was about the different clubs available to students. Clubs are an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests or explore new passions. Plus, the Hubhub was a chance for students to take risks in their public speaking. Nice job creating an inclusive community!

A photo of a student holding a rugby ball

Global Mindset Moment: Third grade is learning about relationships, networks, and community by exploring the idea "Identity is Unique." The unit is centered around the Rugby World Cup happening now in France. Our mission as a school is to educate global thinkers and leaders who understand the broader world around us. Learning about identity, community, and relationships through real-life examples opens students' minds to the world, and what better opportunity than the Rugby World Cup!

A photo of the whole school gathered in the gym

Global Mindset Moment: Today we celebrated the new school year with a school-wide assembly. Our Head of School, Scott Hardister, welcomed everyone and gave some advice for the school year. We celebrated the students who were new to the school or new to their division this year, and we cheered for the eighth graders who are in their final year at French International. Creating community and uniting as one school are key parts of our school's mission and strategic plan. Thank you to everyone for being a part of French International.

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