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Second Grade Studies the Weather

Second Grade Studies the Weather

Second grade is exploring the central idea “Changes can be observed and measured.” The lines of inquiry include learning about the tools we use to observe and measure, changes in water and air, and differences in climates and landscapes.

Each morning, students review the weather for the day and take turns doing weather reports for the whole school over the intercom. 

“I was kind of nervous, but happy when I did it.” -Miles, second grade

“You feel famous like you’re talking to the whole world, but it’s actually the whole school, and it’s a lot of people.” -Tess, second grade

The reports include the temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit, depending on which language the report is in that day. They also report on whether it will rain and suggest how to prepare for the day, like dressing in layers or wearing a hat. Some weather reports include French or English sayings like “raining cats and dogs” or “froid de canard.”

“It’s helpful so people know what to wear and they wear the right stuff.” -Sam, second grade

“If we share the weather with the whole school, students know what to bring, and they won’t have to check their phones in class.” -Amelia, second grade

Not only do the weather reports allow students to learn about different types of weather, but they also give them a chance to be a risk taker, which is one of the attributes of the IB learner profile.

In addition to the weather reports, the second graders also got a visit from KGW Meteorologist Matt Zaffino. He talked to the students about how people predict weather, the tools they use, and why it’s crucial. He also showed videos of significant weather events in Portland and answered the second graders' questions.

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