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Second Grade: The Best Part of Me

Second Grade: The Best Part of Me

In April, second graders read a book called “The Best Part of Me” in their English class.

The Best Part of Me is a collection of poems written by children and celebrates kids' favorite things about themselves. Both second-grade classes read the book with second-grade English teacher Deanna Sundberg and then wrote their own poems.

“I said my arms because they help me play sports” - Galen

“The best part of me is my ears because I can put in pretty earrings, and I got my ears pierced six weeks ago.” - Sasha

The book and the writing project are meant to empower students to feel good about themselves and what they can do.

“It made me happy because I shared what I like about myself.” - Heidi

“I liked [the project] because it shows how I am unique.” - Kate

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