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Preschoolers Learn About Jobs

Preschoolers Learn About Jobs

Since returning from February ACE Week, preschool students have been exploring the central idea of “We depend on each other.”

The unit has included exploring various jobs and responsibilities throughout society, the interconnectedness of humans, and how communities function when people work together.

The students learned about the various jobs at French International, including the facilities team, student monitors, and health coordinator. They also took a walking field trip to our fire station neighbors and had a visit from two Portland police officers. In addition, parent volunteers came to talk to the classes about what they do for work.

The unit of inquiry ended with a crêpe celebration, Fête de Chefs. To apply all that they had learned, each preschooler had a different responsibility for the event. Students invited other students and the guest speakers. The classes also had to make the crêpes with the help of some parent volunteers to prepare for the celebration. All three classes and some parent volunteers gathered in the Middle School Hub on April 26, where the students and guests enjoyed sweet crêpes with fruit, sugar, and Nutella.

Part of the French International mission is for students to understand the interconnectedness of the world and to lead with empathy. Even as preschoolers, students learn how everyone has a role and that communities rely on each other.

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