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Preschool Classes Learn About Shapes and Patterns

Preschool Classes Learn About Shapes and Patterns

Preschool students have been discovering different shapes and how to recognize them.

One of their activities this month was a shape hunt in the main administrative building on campus. All three preschool classes took a walk to look for shapes hanging on the walls of the main building. Along the way, they also noticed the shapes that made up the tiles on the floor, the artwork on the walls, and the furniture throughout the building.

The activities around shapes are part of a larger unit of inquiry, “Patterns in Stories and the World,” where students explore the central idea that “Stories and patterns can have different versions and be told or shown in many ways.”

Over the last six weeks, students have been learning about the different ways to tell stories and have worked on retelling stories they hear through words pictures, and acting them out. They have discovered various types of patterns with colors, letters, and numbers and created their own patterns.

One thing that makes French International unique is the well-researched and intentional early childhood curriculum that our Maternelle students follow. The French curriculum is highly regarded for early childhood education, and even the youngest learners at French International are growing every day.

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