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Middle School Students Lead Black History Month Celebration

Middle School Students Lead Black History Month Celebration

This year, students in eighth-grade communications are putting together events and celebrations for different heritage and awareness months. The first group of students led the middle school in Black History Month celebrations.

The three event leaders hosted a month-long art contest encouraging others to submit art related to Black History Month. They also invited trustee Cyreena Boston Ashby to speak to middle schoolers about Black History Month and the significance of days and months of celebration. The student leaders hosted a fair for each grade level with trivia, music, and snacks.

“We wanted to celebrate and raise awareness. We also wanted something that was active, so kids were involved.” - Spencer

In planning their celebration, they researched foods that could be snacks, like hush puppies and red velvet cupcakes. They also had to learn facts about historical figures and black history month to create a jeopardy game for their fairs.

“I learned that event planning is complicated and needs a lot of planning. Not all ideas are going to work.” -Sam

This was the first time in middle school history that students have led a Black History event.

“In the past at the school, we haven’t had a lot of big events about these months. This is the first time it’s run by students, so it’ll set an impression.” - Parker

Students will also lead Women’s History Month and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrations in March and April.

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