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Kindergarteners Spearhead Recess Clean Up Initiative

Kindergarteners Spearhead Recess Clean Up Initiative

Kindergarten students are exploring the central idea, “People choose how to manage their waste and resources.” 

Claire’s class was inspired by the unit and their discussions to take an initiative at school. During recess, the kindergarteners bring a trash bin and collect trash from the playground. They also wrote letters in both French and English about how to reduce food waste and the importance of not littering. The kindergarten students delivered the letters and presented this information to the Lower School students.

In this unit, kindergarteners discuss how people create with, use, and dispose of different materials and how we can care for the Earth. They are making art projects using recycled material, exploring how to reduce waste, and learning about what can be recycled and composted.

Part of the IB philosophy is to develop internationally-minded students who understand everyone has a shared responsibility to the connected global community. Sharing the Planet is one of the units of inquiry for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), and in kindergarten, that also means exploring the rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things.

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