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Halloween and Fall Celebrations

Halloween and Fall Celebrations

French International celebrated Halloween from TPS to eighth grade on October 31.

The day started with a Maternelle parade through campus. Music teacher Dave led the march with music and dancing. Lower School and Middle School students and French International staff lined the campus sidewalks cheering on the Maternelle students and giving high fives along the way. Since it was such a blast, Lower School students also joined the parade with smiles and cheers as they were celebrated by the rest of the school.

During the morning, Maternelle students visited a Halloween and fall-themed carnival. Parents and volunteers assisted with games, crafts, and read stories. 

Third, fourth, and fifth graders designed and built a haunted forest for Maternelle. The students came up with the design for the forest and collaborated to tackle different aspects of the project. They made the art pieces and other elements of the forest. The students even created photo booth frames and accessories for Maternelle students to use for photos after they visited the forest. Throughout the week, Maternelle students will visit the haunted forest with Lower School students to help everyone enjoy the forest.

At the Middle School, the student council hosted a Hub Bub assembly with costume contests and a pumpkin decorating contest. Students entered the cosplay, punny, DIY, and group costume categories with two winners from each category. The rest of the Middle School students and staff cheered on the contestants.

Throughout the school, students did Halloween and fall-themed math, science, art, and reading to enjoy the holiday throughout the day.

It was an exciting day across campus. Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered, and made the day a blast for students.

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