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Grow With Us: The Case for Support

Grow With Us: The Case for Support

French International School of Oregon is embarking on a capital campaign to establish a permanent campus, prepare for future growth, and create a student-centered environment.

The new site will revolutionize the educational landscape. With new Maternelle and Lower School classrooms catering to each age group's specific needs, flexible learning spaces, and authentic connections to nature, students will be empowered to achieve their full potential. By removing the road from the campus center, the site will create a safer and more welcoming environment for all. The campus will foster a sense of community and prioritize play while enhancing the school's educational capabilities.

As part of the 2022-27 Strategic Plan, French International committed to creating a unified, expanded, sustainable campus, planning for the site's long-term future, and designing a permanent Maternelle and Lower School. This capital project allows the school to strategically plan for the future, continue educating global leaders for years to come, and establish itself as one of the premier independent schools in Portland.

French International's site has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, starting from humble beginnings in the basement of a church in 1979 before moving to the Sylvan campus. In 1997, French International committed to being a part of the Portland community for years to come by purchasing the land where the current Lower School and Maternelle are located. The school moved to its current location in 1998.

The site's evolution continued with purchasing property along Miller Road and approving a new Middle School building in 2015. The Middle School capital campaign began in 2017, and the new building opened in the fall of 2019, reflecting the school's commitment to providing the best educational experience for its students. From there, the commitment was to build a new Lower School and Maternelle in the next 5-7 years, which brings us to today as the school looks to build on its excellence in education.

French International's vision for the future is embodied in this next phase of development, which aims to enrich the student experience, foster growth, and cultivate a strong, unified school community. This campaign is about more than a building. It is about creating an environment where students can experience the world and grow into leaders, creators, and visionaries.

If you are interested in getting involved in the campaign, please contact Shawna Foster, Director of Development, or schedule a conversation here.

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