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Eighth Graders Perform in Frozen Junior

Eighth Graders Perform in Frozen Junior

Since the start of the school year, eighth graders in event and product design have worked on the production of Frozen Junior.

The students in first-semester event design researched options with Mr. Olson before ultimately choosing to perform Frozen Junior. From there, they assign roles, learn lines, create choreography, and produce a final performance. It takes months of rehearsal and preparation to put together the final performance.

The students in product design are in charge of creating the set and costumes for the final show. They spend weeks painting backgrounds for the set and making pieces to help move the story along. Product design students also help on the crew and do technical work like lighting and audio.

The goal of design is to learn creative problem-solving and collaboration. The creative problem-solving was especially evident when the original performance location turned into a TPS classroom due to January classroom flooding. Together, the students assessed different performance spaces and decided on the Hub. From there, the actors and crew adapted to the new performance space in less than two weeks.

“I am impressed by their boundless creativity and enthusiasm,” -David Olson, Eighth-Grade Event Design Teacher

The eighth-grade students performed their first three shows on January 30, 31, and February 1. All Maternelle, Lower School, and fellow Middle School students get a chance to see the show. The final two shows are on February 2, including an evening performance for family and friends.

As part of French International’s unified school mission, we strive to allow students to come together and support one another. It’s terrific for even the youngest learners to see the hard work of the Middle School students, and it helps build confidence in middle schoolers to perform for the rest of the school.


Young Anna: Sam
Middle Anna: Lara
Anna: Addy 
Young Elsa: Raleigh
Middle Elsa: Thais
Elsa: Arlo 
King Agnarr: Selma 
Queen Iduna: Vada 
Pabbie: Keira
Bulda: Beckett
Bishop: Elliot
Kristoff: Indira
Sven: Dane
Hans: Jay
Weselton: Sophie
Olaf: Isabel
Oaken: Vill

Set and Product Design Crew


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