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French International Alum, Susanna Kramer, Accepted to French Pre-College Program

A photo of Susanna Kramer

French International graduate, Susanna Kramer, is headed to France for four weeks this summer to participate in SciencesPo Pre-College Program. Susanna graduated from French International in 2020 and is now a junior in high school.


Sciences Po is a research university and their pre-college program is open to high school students from all over the world. Susanna will spend two weeks taking classes and studying in Reims and two weeks taking classes and studying in Paris. 


Recently, Susanna shared more about her summer plans and how she is feeling:


Why did you apply to SciencesPo Pre-College program?
“Initially, I was looking for more of a job or internship in France this summer because I wanted to use my knowledge of the French language in a way that was applicable to my future career. But there are actually a bunch of working restrictions on younger kids in France. I found the program online because it’s linked with Columbia and Berkley a little bit. I decided to apply because it looked interesting. I’ll take Démocratie en Europe class which is Democracy in Europe. That’s the class I’ll be taking.” 


How are you feeling about the program?
“I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to go back to France because in fifth grade, I did the exchange with French International and I absolutely loved it. I was thinking in French by the end of it. I got to completely immerse myself in a different culture and it was just an amazing experience overall. I haven't been back to France since then and I’ve wanted to do something where I could further my education in France too, so I’m really excited.”


How did your experience at French International influence or inspire you to go for this program?
“I’ve always thought it was a really cool thing that I could speak French and I had an amazing experience at French International for all of Lower School and Middle School. It honestly just added to my perspective. I love the French language and developing that part of my personality. I had incredible teachers who really inspired me and pushed me to work really hard. That trip to France changed my life. I talk about it all the time.


[French International] also prepared me for the IB curriculum at Lincoln. It shaped the student I am today. It made me a really hard worker, a curious learner, and all the IB traits that we learn about at school. I can apply that to what I’m doing right now in high school and also I have the ability to be ready and prepared for a pre-college program like SciencesPo.”


What are your long-term future plans?
“In high school, I’ve started to discover a passion for business. I also hold the languages that I speak dear to my heart. I took German in Middle School. French and German are dear to my heart and I also want to continue learning languages. I want to do something that incorporates both languages and business, so in an ideal world, that will be international business. I’ve really explored the business side, that’s what I did last summer. So this summer I’m exploring my languages side. It’s how I want to spend my junior year summer doing something really cool.”


What advice would you give to current French International students?
“I have a lot. Use your resources. Use your teachers. French International has amazing teachers and resources that you can learn so much from. If you’re putting your best foot forward, they’re going to do the same for you. You can have an amazing experience with the teachers there.


Take advantage of all the opportunities they offer. If they’re offering you to go on an exchange, go on the exchange. If they’re asking for a host family, be the host family. 


Also, at the same time, don’t stress yourself out too much on things. Middle school is the time to find what you are interested in and find out who you want to be as a person in high school and I’d say focus on that.


Another thing I would say is if you are in the French track, take French in high school, take Mme Cansse’s French class. It’s worth it. Take the DELF exams. If you have that opportunity, that’s an amazing opportunity that not a lot of people have that completely sets you apart from anybody else who says they are fluent in French. Having that certification, you are showing that you are fluent in French.”

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