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February Global Mindset Moments

February Global Mindset Moments

Throughout the year, we share weekly Global Mindset Moments on social media to demonstrate how our mission is playing out in our school and how we are fulfilling our Strategic Plan. Here are the February Global Mindset Moments:

Global Mindset Moment (February 23): We've been celebrating Lunar New Year throughout our school. Middle schoolers in Mandarin track have led lessons on art and history surrounding the holiday. Mandarin track and beginning Mandarin classes made dumplings, and today, the Middle School held an assembly celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Students performed a traditional dragon and other dances, sang songs, and explained the cultural significance. Not only does this live our mission of helping students hone their strengths and understand our interconnected world, but it's also part of our People and Programs pillars as we strive to create a sense of belonging for all and challenge our students to be global leaders.

Global Mindset Moment (February 16): Three of our eighth graders have been leaders in planning and executing events to celebrate Black History Month. They welcomed trustee Cyreena Boston Ashby to speak to middle schoolers about Black History Month and the significance of days and months of celebration. The eighth graders also hosted three fairs (one for each grade level) with trivia, music, and snacks and are running a month-long Black History Month art contest. As part of our People pillar, French International aims to create a welcoming environment where people feel a sense of belonging. Highlighting the heritage and cultural strengths of Black Americans will lead to enrichment in our teaching and learning all year. We want students to understand diverse perspectives, enhancing the inquiry process for everyone. We're proud of these eighth graders for taking this initiative and stewarding our first student-led Black History Month celebration.

Global Mindset Moment (February 9): Fourth graders have been studying the moon's phases. They created their own paper mache moons and then rotated the moon to capture the different phases. This was a great exercise in collaboration, strategizing, and applying what they have learned. Through our programs pillar, we want our students to develop the problem-solving and communication skills needed to be successful leaders.

Global Mindset Moment (February 2): Since the start of the year, eighth graders in event and product design have worked on their production of Frozen Junior. The product design students selected the play, learned the lines, developed the choreography, and created the final performance. Product design students worked on the set and did the behind-the-scenes technical work. This week, the eighth graders put on shows for all Maternelle, Lower School, and Middle School students. As part of French International’s unified school mission, we strive to allow students to come together and support one another. It’s terrific for the students to see the performers' hard work, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities. It also helps build confidence in middle schoolers as they perform for the rest of the school.

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