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Get to Know Extended Learning

A photo of Alex talking to a group of students

The Extended Learning Department oversees programs outside of the classroom. The department includes the Extended Learning Manager, Athletics Director, Aftercare Supervisor, Administrative Assistant, and Student Monitors. Extended Learning manages Aftercare, Afterschool Explorers, Athletics, ACE Week, and Summer Camp. They also supervise lunch and recess. Get to know student monitors and the extended learning team.

Slick Adwin (he/him) - Slick is a local creative who has been working with children of all ages for 10+ years. He enjoys giving back what was once given to him: someone who listens and helps guide problem-solving abilities. "Dance is life, Life is dance." Slick is a Dancer, a poet, and a chess enthusiast, pleased to serve the next generation.

Saira Ahmad (she/her) - I love working with children. I have three children of my own (two daughters & son). I speak four languages. I love reading books and going to the beach. My favorite genre of movies is Bollywood movies. Would love to get to know you better!

Newton Arbogast (he/him) - Hi, I’m Newton (or Newt)! I’m a recent graduate from Lewis & Clark College, and just started here at French International at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. I love reading, crafting, legos, and cats!

Alexandria Belinn (she/her) - Hello, I'm Alex Belinn, and I work with students from Pre-K - 3rd grade. I enjoy playing disc golf in my free time. I've played lacrosse for more than ten years now and I love teaching kids this sport!

William Brewer - Will works as the Aftercare Supervisor, formerly as the K-1st Aftercare teacher. He is a former French International student and is in his third year working at the school. Will loves soccer and played and coached in college.

Zoe Buck-Pierce (they/them) - Zoe came to French International in 2021, starting as the PS/PK Aftercare teacher. They love teaching and experimenting with sewing and textile arts. Their passions include quilting, sewing, and loving on their two cats, Posie and Yoshi.

Aidan Burns (he/him) - Hey, I’m Aidan! I love going out and exploring, whether it’s in the city or out in nature. I also enjoy film photography, coaching soccer, and playing board games!

Ailie Coffey - Hello, my name is Ailie! I recently graduated from Portland State University and I just started at French International. I love reading, watercolor painting, and my two dogs Maggie and Ella.

Alexandro Collings-Rico - Alexandro is in his second year working at French International with K-1st Aftercare students. His interests include Bob Dylan, cribbage, and playing music.

Maria Paulina (MariPau) Gonzalez (she/her) - I am from Guadalajara, Mexico. I have been living in Portland for almost five years. In my free time, I love to spend time with my family and let my foodie spirit discover new places. I work with Kindergarten and first-grade students at French International. I like working at the school because I'm constantly learning something from the kids about their cultures and personalities.

Melissa Gonzalez (she/her) - I enjoy getting to know each child and their unique selves. I really like being with friends and doing stuff together! I’m 20 years old, and am an auntie to my sweet three-year-old nephew!

Abbi Gross (she/her) - Hello! My name is Abbi! I am super excited to be working with the kids at French International. Prior to working at FI, I was working on independent living skills with adults with IDD, so getting to work with children is a nice change in pace. I did some early childhood development in high school and enjoy working with the younger PS-K kiddos most! It is refreshing to witness their precious sense of wonder firsthand, and I look forward to further exploring their curious nature and passionate spirit. I enjoy the outdoors and just about all games. My favorite sport is basketball, but I’ll dabble in them all!

Emilia Hidalgo (they/them) - Emilia recently moved to Portland from Minneapolis, MN. They are excited to be back in the PNW since attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. They've worked with all ages of kiddos and are looking forward to continuing to do so at French International.

Ryland Hutchison (he/him) - Ryland has been working in education for the past 15 years. After volunteering for AmeriCorps working in schools around the northwest, he taught English in Seoul, South Korea. Upon returning to the USA, he pursued his Master of Education degree at the University of Oregon which ultimately took him to Portland and French International.

Carla Locher - Carla has been with French International for the last four years. She is the K-1st Aftercare teacher but works with students up through 3rd grade. 

Zaza Quatt - Hello! My name is Zaza. I’ve been at French International since November, and work with many ages, but mostly middle school. I love art and have a BFA which I use over the summer to teach art classes! My hobbies include backpacking, printmaking, and reading books about niche scientific topics. 

Emily Zeimentz (she/her) - I started at French International at the beginning of 2023, and I'm loving it! I work with preschool through second grade. Working with these students has reinvigorated my life in so many ways. I'm a deeply creative and musical person; I love sharing these passions with the kids whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you for trusting me with your children, I am deeply honored and excited about getting to know them and their passions as the year goes on.

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