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Eighth Graders Perform Hip-Hop Dance Routines

Eighth Graders Perform Hip-Hop Dance Routines

On April 5th, the French International eighth graders performed their hip-hop dance routines in front of the entire school. The hip-hop unit began in January, and the students were divided into four groups. They received classes from a dance instructor who taught them the basic moves and how to choreograph a routine. The eighth graders then spent a few weeks working in groups to choose a song, choreograph a routine, and perfect their performance.

The hip-hop dance performance is the end of an interdisciplinary unit between physical education and music. Students are physically active and learn the concepts of choreographed movement. They learn about music interpretation and how to tell a story using dance and movement.

In addition, in this interdisciplinary unit, students learn collaboration and creativity. They work on adapting and adjusting when there are challenges. They learn to take risks and step out of their comfort zone with a final performance.

The rest of the French International students and staff were invited to watch the performance. Maternelle, Lower School, and Middle School students gathered in the gym to support and cheer on the eighth graders. The performance was an excellent opportunity for students of different age groups to come together and learn more about what they can look forward to in eighth grade. French International is one school with a united vision, and the performance was a fantastic opportunity to support the eighth-grade students' hard work.

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