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Donor Spotlight: The Cho Family

A photo of Erin, David, Owen and Jacob Cho

At French International, we are proud to have devoted parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and grandparents committed to positively shaping our school and enriching the student experience. Each month, LaGazette will feature families who choose to donate to the Annual Fund and explain why they support French International. 

In 2016, the Cho family joined our community. Erin and David enrolled their sons Jacob and Owen at French International to provide them with a language immersion experience with the International Baccalaureate framework.

This school year, Erin joined as a room parent for Aurélie’s fourth-grade class. David has been volunteering as a Parent Ambassador for years. As a Parent Ambassador, David builds relationships with prospective families and spreads the word about French International with an authentic and honest perspective. This volunteering role is important to communicate our mission and values to the greater community and help French International become a regional leader. It takes the dedication of committed volunteer leaders like Erin and David to continue to make French International a supportive and welcoming environment. 

Since arriving at French International, Erin and David have been involved with our school and community through giving and volunteering. They have been loyal supporters of the Annual Fund.

Why did you decide to contribute to the Annual Fund? 

“When you see how the faculty and staff interact with the children, it is obvious that French International is more than just a school, it is a community where the shared values and goals of the educators and families create an amazing environment for learning and growth.  When you see that, you want to do everything you can to support the school in fostering that environment. French International provides so many different opportunities for us to support the school that, for us, it comes down to choosing the ones that mean the most to us as a family.”

The Annual Fund is the school's most critical fundraising effort, allowing us to elevate our unique curriculum. The participation of our community is important for the continued success of French International.

What would you tell someone from the community who is considering donating to the school?

“Think about the things that have struck you as special about the school and what those things have meant to you or your children.  If they were above and beyond what you expect from a "school" and felt like something you'd only see within a "community," please consider donating to the school to help foster that aspect of what the school is providing for our children.”

On behalf of all of us at French International, we are humbled by your generosity, volunteerism, and financial support of the Annual Fund. Erin and David, thank you for your unwavering support! 

What is your favorite, or proudest French International moment? 

"It has to be seeing the pictures of our older son Jacob on his 5th-grade trip to France.  Seeing your son enthusiastically engaging with his peers in a different country and culture at that age confirms why we enrolled our children at the French International School or Oregon."

Has something that you saw from us or that we sent you inspired you to give?

"The efforts of the school to adjust to remote learning on the fly during COVID and then the efforts to return to in-person learning were truly inspiring."

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