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December & January Global Mindset Moments

December & January Global Mindset Moments

Throughout the year, we share weekly Global Mindset Moments on social media to demonstrate how our mission is playing out in our school and how we are fulfilling our Strategic Plan. Here are the December and January Global Mindset Moments:

Global Mindset Moment (January 26): IB learners are adaptable and resilient. This week, 11 classes returned to school in new learning spaces. Teachers spent the week helping students transition into their new classroom and creating new routines. Our staff and students have shown their ability to adapt, which is the core of who we are as a school. Thank you to everyone for your patience and flexibility this week as we adjust to new routines, and thank you to the students and staff who have shown exactly what it means to be adaptable.

Global Mindset Moment (January 19): We've had quite a week on campus. Yesterday, some staff, faculty, and volunteers braved the elements to shovel pathways, test water, and move furniture. Things are still icy at school, and there's a lot of work to prepare classroom spaces, but how our community supports one another is incredible. It's part of our school's mission and identity to create community, and this week has proven how strong, resilient, and supportive our community is. Stay safe, everyone!

Global Mindset Moment (January 12): This week, eighth graders presented their community projects to their parents and fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. The community project is a requirement for all eighth graders, and it’s an excellent opportunity for them to learn about direct service, advocacy, research, or indirect service. It’s up to each group what kind of service project they want. From planning to taking action and reflecting on their experiences, this project is a core part of our identity as an IB World School. We want students to understand that it’s everyone’s shared responsibility to make a positive impact on the world, and this project is a tangible way for students to make a difference in their community.

Global Mindset Moment (January 5): Before the break, Lower School students enjoyed a performance by Habiba Addo. The show Habiba's Village tells stories from Ghana, Guinea, Gambia, and Senegal using poetry, rhythm, and dance. Our Strategic Plan commits to bringing in speakers to help our students better understand the world. In addition, the stories had important themes that aligned with IB, such as being caring, open-minded, communicating, and taking risks.

Global Mindset Moment (December 29): Third graders are learning about inventions, the invention cycle, and improvement over time. During their last two music classes, they built their own musical instruments. They learned about how different instruments evolved and used that as inspiration for their creations. They made flutes, drums, guitars, and combo instruments with multiple elements. Seeing their creativity and how specialists align with the current unity of inquiry is incredible and helps enhance our programming.

Global Mindset Moment (December 22): Middle Schoolers celebrated the holidays by singing songs in their beginning languages. Bringing together various languages, songs, and traditions enriches the Middle School experience for all our students. Our goal is to open our student's minds to the world through language and culture. Plus, we encourage them to be risk-takers and perform in front of their peers. Happy Holidays!

Global Mindset Moment (December 15): This semester, seventh-grade design students created silent fidget toys for one of our pre-k classes for students who can't sleep during nap time. The seventh graders presented the product and interviewed the pre-k students as part of the evaluation process. The seventh graders also inspired the pre-K students to start working on their own sewing creations. (Pre-k students are making mittens). One of the greatest assets students have is each other. The ability to collaborate across divisions enriches the learning experience for everyone.

Global Mindset Moment (December 8): Eighth-grade students are in the thick of their community projects. Students choose a project of direct service, indirect service, advocacy, or research. It’s up to the students what kind of service project they want. They investigate a need, plan a project, take action, and reflect on what they learned. The community projects align with our mission and strategic plan as we want students to understand everyone has a shared responsibility to the connected global community. Eighth graders will present their projects on January 10.

Global Mindset Moment (December 1): This week, the program and presence pillar were in action as we hosted a Mission laïque française (MLF) training on teaching and learning in a multilingual environment. Our Strategic Plan commits to leveraging professional development to enhance student learning in several areas, including language and student support. Two teachers from French Immersion School of Washington also joined as part of our school's commitment to be a leader for multilingual studies in the Pacific Northwest.

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