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Eighth Graders Present Community Projects

Eighth Graders Present Community Projects

Since the beginning of the school year, eighth graders have been working on community service projects. Their hard work came to fruition on January 10 when they presented their projects to fellow students, family, and friends.

Students are put into groups, and each group chooses their project topic. This year’s topics included economic inequality, food insecurity, environmental initiatives, and more. Within each topic, students can opt for a project of direct service, indirect service, advocacy, or research.

Throughout their work, students investigate a need, plan their project, take action, and reflect on what they learned. Some of their actions included building bat boxes in the school forest, presenting a topic to other students, hosting a neighborhood food drive, or making a quilt out of recycled t-shirts.

Through the community service project, students learn to collaborate with others and adhere to deadlines, both valuable skills as they move forward in their education. They took risks in their communication skills by reaching out to teachers and outside organizations to partner with.

The community service project is a part of our school’s mission to create a foundation for learners to effect change. The project also aligns with the IB philosophy to develop internationally-minded students who understand everyone has a shared responsibility to the connected global community. Service also helps students understand that meaningful action makes a difference.

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