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Board of Trustees is 100% Invested

Board of Trustees is 100% Invested

To demonstrate their commitment to French International’s full campus transformation and the supporting campaign, our Board of Trustees is all in. Each of our 18 board members has made a meaningful commitment to this project, and we are proud to boast that we have 100% participation from our Board of Trustees in the campaign.

In February of 2023, the Board voted to embark on a $6-8M fundraising campaign to support the transformation of French International School of Oregon’s campus. This project will establish a permanent campus for the school and enhance our educators’ ability to create a unique learning environment for students, cementing French International’s place among the top independent schools in the Pacific Northwest.

By February 2024, each board member had made a meaningful commitment, leading by example in support of this transformational project.

“French International opened its arms to us when we moved to Portland, and we want to be part of its growth,” said Board Chair Denisse Reyes. “We believe French International is a great school and are excited about the possibilities of the new campus.”

In 2022, our Board of Trustees, French International leadership, teachers, and community worked together to develop a five-year strategic plan for French International. One of the core pillars of this plan is “Place,” which articulates the school’s intention to “design permanent Maternelle and Lower School classrooms that support our innovative and unique programs.”

The Board of Trustees was motivated to explore every avenue and give French International the tools the school needed to be successful. Our Board was steadfast in their support of French International leadership pursuing and purchasing the adjacent properties along Cornell Road. The acquisition of those properties and the campus transformation to come will successfully achieve the goals outlined in the strategic plan.

The leadership of the Board of Trustees can not be understated. They have shown their support for the strategic plan through their time, talents, and treasure.

“Supporting the Capital Campaign gives us an opportunity to leave a legacy through meaningful improvements to the school for future families to enjoy and be inspired by,” added Sophia Skaar, Board Member and Campaign Committee Co-Chair.

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