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As part of our mission to develop curious and critical thinkers, we provide a robust and immersive multilingual education experience. We celebrate and work to strengthen all the languages spoken by our students to better interact and understand our interconnected world. 

What we believe:

  • Creating a learner-centered environment is at the heart of all of our language teaching practices.
  • Learning multiple languages opens doors to the world. It provides a deeper and more natural understanding of and curiosity about cultures and people.
  • Being part of an immersion program from an early age develops sensitivity to other sounds and words very naturally from the beginning. 
  • Making connections between languages, including one’s home language(s), is beneficial tl the languages, whether familiar or learned.
  • Learning a subject (such as literature, history, geography, and math) in another language taught by a specialist native speaker adds a natural cultural understanding while reinforcing the language. 
  • All teachers are language teachers across all subjects and develop the production (speaking and writing) and reception (listening and reading) of language. 
  • Maintaining a diverse community of speakers of different languages is a valued part of our school culture.
  • Learning languages promotes healthy brain activity and encourages open-mindedness.

Teaching and Learning Policies