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Developing a Student Learning Plan

Developing a Student Learning Plan

Procedure for Developing a Learning Plan

When a student’s learning or social development is not proceeding as expected, a student support team will be created to develop strategies to address the student’s needs (see diagram below). The student’s teachers and parents are always members of the Support Team. Any additional team members (other teachers, administrators, specialists, outside providers, etc.) are determined by the specific needs of the child. A learning plan may be written that identifies the team members, strategies, and goals for the student.

Creation of a Student Learn Plan

Responsibilities of the Parent

  • Parents will communicate to the School all information and documentation regarding their child’s specific educational needs.
  • Parents will communicate promptly with the School regarding any changes in their child’s specific educational needs and services.
  • Parents will support their child's specific educational needs as recommended by the student support team.

Responsibilities of the School and Faculty

  • The student support specialist will communicate openly with parents about available student support options. 
  • The School will request outside testing when indicated. 
  • The School will document and share information about the continuity of care regarding individual students’ needs.
  • The teachers will implement the appropriate interventions as outlined in the plan. 
  • The Division Head and student support specialists will meet on a regular basis to review student support plans. When students move from the Lower School to the Middle School, French International will communicate the history of support plans to middle school student support team. 

Responsibilities of the Support Team

  • The Support Team will establish a method for regular reviews and/or updates and document in students’ electronic files the results and recommendations. At each meeting, the team will designate one member as responsible for the next follow-up.
  • The student will be encouraged by all members of the Support Team to advocate for themself and be involved in their own learning. Strategies to help the student advocate for themself are discussed in the meeting with parents and are reinforced at the moment by all members of the Support Team. Students may also be invited to Support Team meetings in order to ensure students know what kind of support they can advocate for in their classroom contexts. 

Bringing Outside Specialists to Campus

If a family has targeted support services set up with an outside specialist to support their child's education, and that specialist would like to provide those services on campus, the parent should follow this procedure:

  1. Contact your child's division head.
  2. The division head will go through the approval process with the administrative assistant to follow the necessary procedures to get that person approved to come on campus. 

Questions related to student support plans or accommodations can be directed to the Student Support Specialist.

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