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French International welcomes students and families who will thrive in an internationally-minded curriculum. We support learners to become inquirers, principled communicators, and open-minded thinkers who have a commitment to learning and growing. Helping your child realize their full potential is a privilege we take very seriously. We consider families and guardians as partners in our students’ journey of developing into global citizens, with an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives, to help make a better, more peaceful world.

The school admits students whose families value the advantages of an academically balanced, stimulating, and engaging curriculum in small-class environments.

We believe:

  • Our school benefits from a community with students coming from a range of diverse cultures, abilities, and talents
  • Our program is a partnership with families who strive to develop international-mindedness, respect, and independence
  • Our students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that is inclusive, nurturing, and challenging
  • Our school can provide continuity and community for families arriving from other IB schools or language immersion programs

Admissions mission-appropriate student:

  • Our school strives to welcome students from a wide range of gender, race, religious, socioeconomic, language, immersion, and geographic backgrounds. We value families who see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility toward its members, by embodying the attributes of the IB learner profile (caring, open-minded, principled, balanced, communicator, knowledgeable, thinker, risk-taker (courageous), inquirer, and reflective). Our school is an IB school, including all students as IB learners.

Our school values growth, change, and exploring new ideas; however, we are not a school for everyone, and we take into account students’ learning needs and whether or not we can accommodate them as their best possible learning environment (see Inclusion Policy). We believe in having a mutual partnership with families and keeping each other informed of any learning needs or trends that arise for the student.

Teaching and Learning Policies