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Preschool, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten

Preschool, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten

We provide a high-quality program from the French curriculum, which is well-researched and continually evaluated. Therefore, we offer a fully-developed early childhood program.

We are committed to art, music, PE, and the environment. With an emphasis on socialization, this section of Maternelle (Cycle 1) helps students build strong relationships with other children and adults, establish autonomy and independent identities, and further develop their motor and language skills.  

The PYP (Primary Year Program) begins at age three in Maternelle. Our students learn through a play-based approach, inquiry and make sense of the world around them by building and understanding relationships and how the world works. The IB framework in Maternelle builds specific approaches to learning that set the foundation for higher-order thinking as they progress through the school. 

An overall objective of the program is to provide a wide variety of experiences that will prepare them for more systematic learning in Cycles Two and Three. Our students experience an impactful immersion program and are educated from a global perspective.  Our faculty and staff are highly trained, experienced, and committed to this age group. Many of our Maternelle teachers have Master's degrees.

How the class is structured:
  • Class size up to 17 students in PS and up to 18 in PK and K.
  • One French teacher (native speaking) and one teaching assistant. 
  • English, Music, and PE teachers are involved in the student's schedule

Sample Maternelle Schedule