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French Curriculum

French Curriculum

We follow the guidelines set forth by the French Ministry of Education for Maternelle. There are five domains Maternelle students work in to prepare them for elementary school. 

Learning to Work Together

Our primary objective is to teach children how to interact with one another and to begin to learn basic norms of social interaction. They will assume responsibilities according to their capabilities, learning the importance of accounting for their actions and listening to others. They will develop language skills that will enable them to better exchange ideas and feelings.


Children are prompted and encouraged by teachers to provide oral accounts of their experiences, thereby truly learning how to communicate. Teachers also encourage students to apply their new language constructions; specific language exercises also contribute to children’s awareness of syntax.

As students become better acquainted with oral expression in Cycle One, books, and other written materials are used in the classroom to help establish their growing familiarity and comfort level with written language and literature.

Movement and Physical Activity

Physical activities undertaken in Cycle One help develop motor skills harmony and intellectual and emotional development. Action and language are key components in children’s development as they explore the space around them. First, children exercise their motor exploration faculties with freedom of movement and action. Gradually, they move from handling familiar situations and learn to adapt to their expanding environment. Over time, the activities gravitate toward the discovery of self, of others, and the surrounding environment.

Imagination and Creativity

In Cycle One, children develop their sensitivities, imaginations, and abilities to create. The main goal is to encourage children to discover the arts and to react to them emotionally. Through varied exposure to works of art, children expand their imaginations and learn to express their feelings. Children take pleasure in building, inventing, and in the exchange of ideas, feelings, and impressions. At French International, students continue their exploration by being exposed to performing arts and music classes.

Becoming a Student

The overall goals of Cycle One are to teach our students to understand what a school is; what distinguishes them from others and makes them unique; how they should live with one another in a structured community with a clear set of rules; and how they fit in the overall structure of the school. Becoming a student is a progressive process that requires many years of living and learning together in the classroom.