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French International provides students with additional experiences that help build sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle and pride to continuously foster our sense of belonging. Our athletics offerings are diverse in nature and free of cost to grant our athletes access. 

French International participates in the Metro Christian League (MCL) during the year. Our students compete with surrounding schools. The competitive level varies year-by-year and we are proud of our students for representing our school, our values and their strengths. 

Our sports


  • Volleyball: Grades 5-8
  • Cross country: Grades 5-8
  • Soccer (co-ed): Grades 6-8


  • Basketball: 5-6 team, 7-8 team
  • Little Eagles Basketball (co-ed): Grades 3-4
  • Track: Grades 6-8


Practices occur after school 3:45-6:00 depending on the sport. Each coach communicates particular scheduling with families.


Tournament may occur on our campus depending on the sport or we visit other schools that host. We count on families to volunteer to drive students to tournaments because FI does not provide transportation services. If your child will be carpooling, please be sure to update your Authorized Pick-Up List to include the parent driver. 

Athletics free of charge

In an effort to provide access to sports, French International does not charge an athletics fee. We want students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and explore new skills as part of their school experience.


Each family is responsible for the purchasing of uniforms. More information will be provided by the coach as the sport season progresses. GearUp is our official provider of athletic apparel

Purchase a uniform here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there try-outs, how are teams picked?

There will be no cuts. Teams are formed on a “first come-first serve” basis. Most teams fill up very quickly on the day of registration. In cases where there are two teams, we will host tryouts for the first two practices and athletes will be selected for either the developing team or the competitive team. Coaches make the final decisions on teams. 

What if my child is waitlisted?

Because we are offering athletics at no cost, we have to honor the waitlist to ensure we do not have too many kids on a team. We do this to ensure fair play and because we only a limited number of coaches. If a spot opens up on a team, the first waitlisted athlete will be notified and will continue down the list if there are multiple spots available. Ultimately, it is the coach’s decision coupled with league requirements that determines whether or not they can accept more athletes. Cross country and track are generally the only sports where the waitlist can be flexible based on the amount of coaches. 

Are there games on weekends? How much time will it take?

No. Games and practices occur after school generally 3x a week. Days of the week are sport and grade-specific. Most teams practice 1-2 times a week and have 1-2 games as well. Most matches last around an hour. 

Where are matches played?

All of our teams play in the western and central divisions of the Metro Christian League (MCL). Opponents include Pilgrim, Faith, Life, Tualatin Valley, West Hills, Forest Hills, CS Lewis, Riverdale, Portland Christian, OES, Catlin Gable, Horizon, SW Christian, PJA, Veritas, Valor, and St. Stephens. Schools are located in Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and Newberg. 

What if my child has homework, can they miss a practice?

Of course, academics are our first priority. Please inform the coach if your child will miss a game.

Where do I find the address to the match? 

Addresses will be included in the match information on Veracross, the school’s database. 

What if my child cannot leave early for a match?

School comes first. If your child needs to be in class, go to the game late. But please inform the coach.

How do we get to the games?

Parents/Guardians are responsible for arranging or transporting their children to events. Directions to games are provided at the beginning of each sports season with a calendar. Carpooling is highly encouraged and you can obtain volunteer hours if you drive two or more kids AND have your completed background check on file. You may log up to 10 hours if the criteria have been met. For information on how to log volunteer hours see below. 

Does FI provide uniforms?

No, all athletes will purchase uniforms at the time of registration from GearUp Sports to ensure they arrive before their first match.

How will we know if there is an early release and how does my child get notified? 

Early release will be noted on the schedule in Veracross. Lauren will make an announcement over the loudspeaker at the designated release time. 

My child plays club volleyball/soccer/basketball…will this be fun?

Absolutely! It is nice for the kids to represent their schools, and share their capabilities and spirit of the game while building camaraderie with their classmates and friends. Also, this is a great opportunity for them to take on a team captain role. We do ask that you have an open conversation with the coach if there are conflicts with scheduling. 

What if I have questions about playing time?

Please talk to your child’s coach. If you have concerns with the resolution, contact the Athletic Director.

What is the cost to participate? 

We are so pleased that FI offers athletics at no cost. However, each athlete is responsible for their uniform purchase. 

Do I get volunteer hours? How do I submit them to get credit?

Yes, you do and we are grateful for your help! Reach out to the Athletic Director for information on how you can help.

When do I contact the coach?

Contact the coach if you have questions or concerns that pertain specifically to your child and their team. It would be greatly appreciated if to contact the coach if your child will be late/miss a practice or game. 

When do I contact the Athletic Director?

Contact Chrissy Beeler when you have general questions regarding athletics: logistics, uniforms, department concerns, etc. Perhaps you are unable to have a conversation with the coach due to delay in responses and/or a problem arises, you can contact Chrissy. If you are interested in volunteering (big help), in which you will receive volunteer hours! Please contact AD if you notice any discrepancies in communications and/or conflicting information.

Who do I contact about registrations? 

Contact Zoe Buck-Pierce

A photo of the 8th-grade volleyball team posing with their trophy
A photo of coach Ron and the 11 boys basketball players holding the trophy
A photo of the seven girls players the Coach Chrissy