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Arts and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Weeks

Arts and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Weeks

French International operates on an academic calendar that is broken up into five 7-to-8-week periods with breaks for Winter Break, Spring Break, and ACE Weeks. School is not in session during ACE Weeks, and an alternate program is provided for students who wish to participate. 

ACE Weeks are in October and February and with programs for various interests and age groups. ACE Week programs are $85/day or are included in the Super Yearly Aftercare plan.

2023-24 Program Dates

October 23 – 27
February 26 – March 1

ACE Week Flyer

ACE Week Policies
  • Extended Learning will confirm registrations through Veracross and a spot in the program will be confirmed via email
  • A child must be potty-trained and at least two-and-a-half years (30 months) of age to enter TPS. French International is not licensed to care for children who are younger than 30 months.
  • Reimbursements for withdrawals are as follows:
    • Absences must be communicated to Ryland.  If absent for two or more days, pro-rated billing will be applied.
    • Withdrawal from the program must be given 24 hours before the school day for full reimbursement
    • Withdrawal from the program without 24-hour notice will result in 50% credit toward Extended Learning Programs.
    • No reimbursements will be given after 3 days of attending ACE Week
A photo of a student peeling stickers
A photo of a student with stickers on his fingers
A photo of a student showing her handmade picture frame
A photo of two students and a teacher digging the insides out of pumpkins
Four students show their homemade sock puppets
A student and teacher work on dance moves