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French Bourse

The French bourse scolaire is a need-based financial aid program administered by the French government to assist French citizens with educational expenses at accredited French schools outside of France.

Families who are registered with the Consulate in San Francisco and whose children are French citizens may apply for the bourse if their child is three years of age or older before December 31 of the year for which they are applying. The French government establishes its own criteria for awarding the bourse.

It is recommended that eligible families apply for both the bourse and school-based financial aid through French International at the same time, given the different timelines of these separate processes.

You can find specific information and application criteria about the bourse scolaire on the Consulate website.

For further details, you may consult French International Lower School Division Head, Aurore Molerus or the Affaires Sociales, Service des Bourses at the Consulat Générale de France à San Francisco, Myriam Loury,   (415) 616-4913.


All applications must be received by the French Consulate before the end of February.

Applications are reviewed in Paris in June, and families are notified of their awards a few months after.