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Tuition & Financial Aid

At French International, we’re fortunate that tuition covers the majority of the school’s operating needs, including special expenses of being a language immersion school (faculty visas, working permits, and “expatriate benefits”). Financial aid is available to families who qualify.

Three years ago, with the support of the Finance and Budget Committee and the Leadership Team, the Board of Trustees committed to increasing faculty and staff salaries to the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) 50th percentile by the 2024-25 school year.

We have increased salaries by approximately $3M over the past three years to attract and retain the very best teachers and staff to work with your children each day and provide the robust learning experience that makes French International so unique. 

Tuition & Fees

Anyone may apply for financial aid at French International. Awards are based on relative need. 

Given the differing application timelines between school-based financial aid through French International and the French Bourse through the French government, families who are eligible for the French Bourse should complete both school-based and bourse applications as soon as possible. Bourse applications must be submitted in order to be considered for school-based financial aid awards. All applications are considered in the strictest confidence.

"Choosing the French International was far beyond a mere decision for our three children and our family; it was/is an investment in our children's future. It's been a journey defined by bespoke tailored education, emphasizing STEM education while nurturing process-driven thinking. The vibrant tapestry of languages and cultures has woven a rich mosaic, creating an environment that feels like home. Here, education isn't confined to knowledge; it's the gateway to global understanding and cultural fluency, guiding our children's minds to transcend boundaries and celebrate diversity. What truly distinguishes French International is its unique blend—a seamless intertwining of academic excellence with a multicultural fabric, shaping young minds into worldly, future leaders."

-Kevin & Elle Collins, TPS and Alumni parents