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Campus Photo Tour

Until we're able to meet you in person, we hope these photos offer a small sense of what it's like to be at French International... from our forest, Discovery Park, and Center for the Arts to our early education environments, creative spaces, and Middle School building.

Main Building

The Annenberg Administration Center (main building) is home to the library, gymnasium, preau, kitchen, and administrative offices.

A photo of the main building taken from the window in the commons
A photo of the gym from above
A photo of the library with an alphabet rug and books along the walls
Rose Préau Commons
The hallway of the main building above the gym
A photo of the library corner with bookshelves and a reading corner
TPS students crawling through tunnels while practicing parkour
A teacher in the kitchen spoons homemade jam to show her class
Three students with their arms around each other rollerblading around the gym
A group of middle schoolers in two parallel lines while performing a hip hop dance routine
Annenberg Administration Center (main campus building)

Maternelle (TPS-K)

Most Maternelle classrooms are adjacent to the main building, the Center for the Arts, Discovery Park, and the playground. The TPS classrooms are by parking lot A and are designed to meet the unique needs of our TPS students.

A student flips a crepe
Two preschool students holding bunnies
A preschooler and teaching assistant laughing.
A piece of furniture in a Maternelle classroom with a small wooden playhouse
A wooden shelf in the TPS classroom with toys and books
The TPS playground
The TPS playground
the TPS playground
A photo of the Maternelle courtyard with musical mushroom drums and buildings in the background
Mushroom musical drums

Lower School (1st-5th Grade)

Lower School classes are in Satellites Two, Three, and Four on the main campus. Lower School students also regularly visit the library, gymnasium, center for the arts, playground, and the forest.

A student pours flour into a cup
A student shows off the bridge he built in the STEAM lab
A parent helps three students pour flour into a bowl for cookies
Three students smiling from the sand holding peace signs
A student practices a script into the microphone
A teacher helps a student paint a butterfly.
Three first graders playing a game where they think fast on their feet to come up with quick words
A student wearing a green ribbon works on math
A student intently stares at his coding project
A student presents about fencing to his classmates
A student presents to his classmates about minerals
A photo of Jennifer's class standing in a line to measure 18 meters

French International Forest

Featuring a nature trail, a play space, and two outdoor classrooms, the French International forest allows students to pursue science and nature studies outside of the classroom. 

The path in the forest
A photo of discovery park
A photo of the forest trail
A guest helping students learn about the forest
A guest helping students learn about the forest

Outdoor Spaces

The French International Campus features an abundance of green spaces and natural play areas.

A student runs towards the camera out on the playgound
A photo of the forest trail
A photo of the chicken coop from down the hill in Discovery park
Three students outside at recess laughing with their arms around each other
A photo of the trail and logs in discovery park.
A student holds a stick outside at recess
Discovery Park
A photo of the chicken coop
Two students outside smiling with their arms around each other
A student shoots a basketball
A photo of a chicken
A student about to kick a soccer ball.

Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts houses dedicated art classrooms for Lower School and Middle School, as well as a music room, a pottery room with a kiln, a dance/movement room, and a conference room.

Center for the Arts
Movement Room
Middle School Art Room
Hands shaping clay into a cup on a potter's wheel
Young students by may pole in CFA courtyard
Center for the Arts

Middle School Building

New in fall of 2019, our Middle School building features a smart, sustainable design, state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs, and plenty of open spaces for students and teachers to collaborate. 

Middle School Building, front entrance
A parent gives a teacher a bindhi.
A student smiles while holding a donut
A student and teacher sitting outside looking a  a compass
A student next to a water poster presenting information
Two students carving cardboard for a design project
A student works on drawing hieroglyphics on a giant piece of paper on the wall
A student smiles while looking at the camera
Four students and a teacher with podcasting equipment posing
Five students on stage performing Suessical
Two students make dumplings together
A student bends wire while working on an art project
Middle School Building, front entrance