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Programs that Prepare

We will provide a consistent, nurturing, academically challenging curriculum for all students that prepares them for success beyond French International.

We Will

  • Develop, enhance, and align our transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary programs across the school to provide a robust curriculum alignment for all students.
  • Create a dynamic, streamlined STEAM program for all grade levels to enhance the transfer and application of learning. 
  • Leverage professional development in areas that enhance our student learning experiences such as differentiation, student support, inclusion, and language.

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Programs that Prepare News and Updates

Preschoolers Learn About Jobs

French International preschoolers have been exploring the central idea of “We depend on each other.” The unit culminated with a crêpe celebration, where everyone had a different responsibility to make sure the event was successful.

Kindergarteners Spearhead Recess Clean Up Initiative

As kindergarteners explore the central idea, "People choose how to manage their waste and resources,” Claire's class decided to collect trash at recess. Their initiative also led to letter-writing and presentations for other classes. 

First Grade Celebrates the 100th Day of School

First graders celebrated their learning and growth over the first 100 days of school. The day they included math, reading, writing, movement, and reflection on what being 100 days smarter means.

French International Celebrates Lunar New Year

Throughout the month, French International celebrated Lunar New Year with food, art, music, and more. Parents shared their culture and backgrounds with their students' classes. Middle School hosted an assembly with traditional songs and dances. There were dumplings, stories, and art projects to help students open their minds to cultures and traditions around the world.