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An Inclusive Community of People

We will increase access to French International to further enrich our school culture and cultivate a sense of belonging for all members of our community.

We Will

  • Expand access to French International School of Oregon by increasing available financial aid funds and establishing a new transportation system.
  • Continue to increase faculty and staff salaries and support them with a robust professional development program in order to retain and attract the very best.
  • Create systems throughout French International that support a more diverse community.

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Inclusive Community of People News and Updates

French International Celebrates Lunar New Year

Throughout the month, French International celebrated Lunar New Year with food, art, music, and more. Parents shared their culture and backgrounds with their students' classes. Middle School hosted an assembly with traditional songs and dances. There were dumplings, stories, and art projects to help students open their minds to cultures and traditions around the world.

A group of three seventh graders and four pre-kers sit in a circle

When pre-k students who couldn't nap needed quiet fidget toys, seventh-grade product design students came to the rescue. The seventh graders spent weeks inquiring, analyzing, and developing ideas for their clients. The pre-k students love their silent fidget toys and were so inspired, they created their own sewing project.

Middle School Builds Community

On November 9, the Middle School celebrated community with team-building activities and service. Each advisory was grouped with an advisory from a different grade level, giving students the opportunity to get to know people from a different grade. They connected over shared interests and problem-solving.